March 8, 2010

sneak peak: VINTAGE POP SHOP

We're very excited that 2010 will see us launch a series of online art shows. These shows will be available to view on our website In addition to posting all the work from our gallery shows, we will also debut a series of shows that will only be viewable on the site. Information about these "openings" will be following shortly, so make sure that you are signed up on our mailing list to receive the details. To be added to the list please send an email to with the header "mailing list".

Our first web show of the year explores the nexus of street art and commerce and celebrates the democratic sensibility that embraces the artist multiple. "POPULIST TENDENCIES : SELECTIONS FROM KEITH HARING'S POP SHOP" is a look back at the timeless characters in neon colors, the broad consumer appeal and the marketing genius of Keith Haring.

The show is comprised completely of items which were originally available through Haring's Pop Shop. Included are 1980's vintage multiples and ephemera as well as limited edition prints. Twenty four years after the store was first opened "POPULIST TENDENCIES" provides us with the opportunity to celebrate Haring's role in transitioning the artist multiple out of the museum gift shop and into the world of serious art collections.

The show opens on FRIDAY MARCH 19 and will be available to view online only. For now you can click on the picture above for a sneak peak at some vintage Pop Shop goodies.


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