April 22, 2010

deluxx fluxx nyc

Papermonster have just announced on their blog that Bast and Faile are bringing the symbiotic retro madness of their Deluxx Fluxx show to Manhattan's Lower East Side. The location has not been released yet, but the opening of "Deluxx Fluxx NYC" will take place on Friday April 30th from 7:30-10:30pm. Keep an eye on the Papermonster blog for further details and preview pics...

To get in the mood for this show, we suggest you check out DeluxxFluxx.com. The website is the online home to versions of the video games, the original music (by Seth Jabour of Les Savy Fav), and images of the BAST and FAILE art from the original "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2010" at Lazarides in London. While you're there, make sure you download the BAST screen saver. It's fantastic!

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