May 29, 2010

"I wouldn't expect the art world elite to embrace graffiti, it's way more important than that." -Banksy

The elusive Banksy has had a new interview published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Well, interview is probably the wrong word as it was conducted by email. Whatever you call it, it is full of hilarious quotes and insights into his views on "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and the world of street art. Here are some choice bits:

"Graffiti isn't meant to last forever. I'd prefer someone draw a moustache and glasses on one of my pieces than encase it in Perspex,"

"I'd like to say I'm politically motivated but the reality is I'm just far too lazy for capitalism. If Banksy has become a brand, then it's a brand that doesn't believe in itself."

''The Melbourne graffiti scene has always been fiercely independent … and it isn't chasing some 1970s, New York idea of cool...I doubt its something the authorities are particularly proud of, but Melbourne street art leads the world."

"If I make another film it'll be called something like 'Kate Moss Undressing' and maybe then I'd take more interest in the camera angles."

Read the entire interview on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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