June 15, 2010

why we love Faile

The last time we saw this image it was part of an original called "Falling Ecstasy" that was included in a print drop on Faile's website back in December 2009. We remember thinking that the piece was amazing, despite the oddly styled right hand. To be fair, maybe it's not the whole hand as much as the excruciatingly long thumb that gives it a decidedly claw-like feel. In any case we overcame our fear of the claw and attempted to score the piece. We were unsuccessful, but due to a technical glitch three other people all thought they had purchased the unique original piece. Two proved to be very unhappy campers...

We have been hopeful that this image would make it into an edition ever since. The new version at Paper Monster is titled "Ecstasy" and is a 12 color acrylic and silkscreen ink print with substantial hand painted Faile goodness. It is a 25" x 38", signed, dated and numbered edition of 175, and is available from papermonster.net.

In other Faile news, there is word from the Patricks that upcoming Faile releases will dump the Native American imagery from Lost In The Glimmering Shadows, in favor of "moving into the new images we've been working on this year". Bring on the visual madness of Deluxx Fluxx! Both of the "Deluxx Fluxx Arcade" installations were spectacular, and full of images we would love to see realized as prints. Dare we wish for some sort of Bast / Faile collaborative effort as well?!

And lastly, next month in Portugal the Patricks will finally debut their Faile Temple at the PortugalArte10 Exhibition. This "large-scale sculpture project that emblematizes the iconography of Faile" was originally slated to open a year ago, but was pushed back. We envy the lucky souls who will be there from July 16 - August 15 and who will be able to view the "full-scale church in ruins in Pra├ža dos Restauradores Square in Lisbon". We will have to settle for pictures of this one...

You can read the complete press release about the Faile Temple project here, check out the new print "Ecstasy" on Paper Monster and keep an eye on Faile's website at faile.net.

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