July 9, 2010

Banksy: hood rat?

It's no secret that we believe Chicago has yet to yield all it's Banksy work.  Surely there exists more than the three known works (the untouchables pram, the downtown rat, and you concrete me).  Our recent hunt has turned up a fake monkey, but we've seen nothing plausible as work from Mr B until now. Could this hood rat be one of the undiscovered Banksys in Chicago?

The hood rat is down on the south side near US Cellular Field.  It's large for a rat, standing nearly 25 inches high. It was first discovered by Chicago artist Hebru Brantley who posted a pic on his blog Whup Yo Kids.  We are not 100% convinced of the authenticity of this piece, but if this is a fake at least its a damn clever one.  Banksy or not, we like the hood rat.

View more pics of the hood rat on our flickr along with pictures of the other Banksy works in Chicago.
Check out Hebru Brantley's blog Whup Yo Kids and view his artwork on his website.

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