July 30, 2010

gun god go

We've had a number of people send us tips about these cheerleader stencils that have been popping up around Chicago.  For the record, no, they are not by Banksy.  The piece, Gun God Go, is the brainchild of internationally noted Chicago artist Ray Noland aka CRO.

We can't get enough of these ladies in black, as they conjure up memories of the cheerleaders we still lust after from that 20 year old Nirvana video.  Let there be no doubt that these faceless embodiments of teen spirit are the antithesis of those Nirvana ladies.  They eschew the anarchy signs and tattoos and raw sexuality of yesterday's counterculture for the highly charged symbols of our current right wing jingoism.
Smells like culture wars.

And in other CRO news, Run Blago Run has been making appearances around town again sporting some air yeezys.  Check out recent sightings on our flickr.

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