July 21, 2010

a weird day for Ben Eine

Ben Eine posted the following on his website on July 20, 2010:
"So it's been a weird day today, so weird that I've decided to visit my website.  David Cameron has given one of my paintings to President Obama in an Art Swap.  I've up loaded an image of the painting in the gallery section. thanks"

The painting to which he is referring, Twenty First Century City, was indeed included among the official gifts brought by the British PM to President Obama.  According to the BBC, Eine's work was chosen because the Prime Minister's wife, Samantha, considers him one of her "favorite artists".  In return Mr. Cameron received Ed Ruscha's lithograph Column With Speed Lines from The American President.

For those who may be wondering, Ben Eine is best known as a graffiti artist.  Examples of his street art typography can be found around London.  In addition Eine was the in house printer for Pictures On Walls until 2008, and was responsible for producing many of Banksy's most iconic prints.  The connection between Eine and Banksy extends outside the print house, and there is speculation that Eine was involved in some of Banksy's best known street work as well.

Explore Ben Eine's website einesigns.co.uk to view his work.
View Eine and Banksy prints on Pictures On Walls.
Read the BBC's complete coverage of all the Cameron / Obama gift swapping action here.

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