July 19, 2010

yarn bombing

Recently we've been noticing a lot more guerilla knitting here in Chicago. We feel it's about time that somebody crafted Cosby sweaters for our neglected sign posts and bike racks.  The pictures above document recent work we spotted in Wicker Park and on Michigan Avenue.  After a little digging we discovered that this phenomena is confined to neither metal tubing nor the United States.  Yarn bombing hits everything from trees to a WWI tank, and has been documented in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And much to our surprise, it's not just young hipster women who are doing these renegade street art installations.

Explore the world of knit street art on the flicker groups guerilla knitting and knithacker.

Read Magda Sayeg's knit graffiti blog Knitta Please.

Invesitgate yarn bombing and the creation of the first "knit graffiti" crew (Knitta).  Further information on the subversive undertones of knitting and correlations between knitters and hackers (yes, you read that correctly) is available at The History of Guerilla Knitting.

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