August 27, 2010

Bob Partington: the sublime potentiality of stored energy

Bob Partington is an artist who produces art and sculpture that often showcase his interest in technology and science.  He also makes cool videos that document his artistic endeavors.  We are particularly fond of three of his projects that all utilized spray paint.

The Paint Dart was brilliant in its simplicity.  It was a projectile that would stick to anything and delivered the payload of a pocket-can.  When the payload deployed, the can was triggered and would hang there discharging the paint, creating huge drippy trails down the side of whatever it was stuck on.  

With his Paint Gun and his Briefcase projects, Bob Partington took the use of spray paint in new directions and pushed the boundaries of the medium.  I won't waste time describing the works to you.  You'll simply have to view the videos for yourself.  They are stunning in their originality and their utilization of technology.  That briefcase is utter brilliance- and we really, really, really want one!

"Bob’s approach to art-making comes from his interest in energy, and it’s modes of transference: Energy moved in perfect conservation, or in complete chaos—as well as the sublime potentiality of stored energy, like with the charged battery cell or the can of spray paint. This pursuit has led him to explore a variety of materials and technologies that are not always consistent with traditional art making."  (

You can see more of Bob Partington's incredible art and design on his website and view his videos on his Youtube channel.

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