October 27, 2010

Da Mayor

Mayor Daley has had an interesting and challenging relationship with the street art community of Chicago, so it is no surprise that said community has taken notice of his announcement that he will not be seeking reelection. After all, Daley's reign has seen the outlawing of spray paint sales within Chicago city limits, the classification of markers as criminal tools, and the creation of "Mayor Daley's Graffiti Busters" whose sole raison d'etre involves the destruction of street art.  What is perhaps most amazing is that even after the installation of these draconian measures, Chicago's street art community continues to thrive.

Reaction to Daley's announcement has taken many forms, and has provided an opening for the launch of at least two mayoral campaigns by artists Swiv and Jagoff.  We will continue to monitor further developments and bring images of the best Daley inspired street work as we become aware of it.

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