November 15, 2010

is this the face of Banksy...again?

Keiran Argo is the Animation Programme manager for the nearly unknown British cinematic celebration called 'The Encounters International Film Festival'. Normally we wouldn't pay any mind to the Bristol based fest, but this year Ms. Argo promised the addition of something compelling to the program: footage of Banksy painting a street piece.

According to Argo:
What Banksy didn't bargain for when recently stencilling the back wall of Aardman's new building was the discrete CCTV system they had installed allowing us, for the first time, to put a face to the name.  All will be revealed in the programme...

Well, as it turns out all that was revealed was that Argo is full of shit.  Evidently she claims she got confused and the piece of footage in question is actually animated.  Its easy to understand how one can confuse reality with an animated short film.  In college we once made the same mistake with an episode of Ren and Stimpy.

Thanks to ukstreetart for keeping on top of this.

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