April 28, 2011

Crime And Punishment?

By Rachel Schwerin
Last week, Revok was arrested by LAPD in LAX, on his way to Ireland.  The charge was failure to pay court ordered restitution to past victims of his street activities. His bail was set at an astronomical $320,000. According to blogger Logan Hicks, comparing Revok's bail to that of other detainees in Los Angeles right now, he could have "molested three young girls ($300,000 bail)" and then "threatened a man while wielding a machete ($20,000 bail)" for the same price. (Man charged with assaulting partially paralyzed grandmother in front of her two granddaughters Bail set at $100,00; Baby left in 115-degree car; father may face charges Bail set at $50,000)

“We take graffiti vandalism very seriously, said Lieutenant Vince Carter, Sheriff’s Metro Transit Services Bureau. “Criminal graffiti vandals who insist on damaging other people’s property are going to jail and need to pay to fix the damage they caused.” Revok has since been sentenced to 180 days in jail for violating his parole on a misdemeanor vandalism charge after he failed to repay restitution for damages. His work is currently on display at MoCA's "Art in the Streets," which is really pissing off the LAPD.

The Seventh Letter is selling "Free Revok" t-shirts with all of the proceeds going to Revok's legal defense fund.  Check them out on their site.

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