May 20, 2011

CARTRAIN x VAGABOND release Bin Laden image

by Rachel Schwerin
CARTRAIN just can't keep himself from fucking with the Tate.  The teenage British street artist is best known for having been prosecuted for stealing and ransoming pencils from Damien Hirst's Pharmacy installation at the museum a few years ago.  This time he has pulled a museum hack where he and VAGABOND collaborated to sneak a piece of theirs into the Tate Modern. Of course someone was there to document the entire episode on video.

The image, a spoof on Dali's Persistence of Memory, superimposes accessories obviously associated with Osama bin Laden -  a bloody turban, a chalk dead-body outline - where the melting clocks would go. Critics seem unimpressed.

Check out the video of the guerilla installation on vagabondart's You Tube.

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