March 30, 2013

This Dude is Hairier than Kate Moss

We've seen some incredible, avant garde art come out of Paris over the last 150 years: from Impressionism and Surrealism to Yves Klein and JR, but none of it has prepared us for the comic art hybrids that have been appearing on Parisian streets as of late.  Ladies and gentlemen,  meet Hairier than Kate Moss.

When first crossed paths with HtKM (as he likes to be known) at the end of 2012 when we noticed his "Tooning" series.  We were blown away by his ability to seamlessly combine iconic characters, creating surreal, sometimes disturbing images that echo the fragmented consciousness of popular culture. Simultaneously familiar yet unknown, these absurdist collages exude a freshness that one seldom encounters.  They are like noting else out there.

HtKM has recently begun working on some indoor projects as well, like these hand-finished mixed media on canvas pieces.  We see big things in the future for this cutting edge Parisian street artist and his unique cast of characters.

For more info on HtKM, or to see more of his available works, check out

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