May 19, 2010

Vandalized Banksy Graffiti Restored by Vigilante Vandals

The restored Banksy piece / photo by Billy Craven

On Saturday evening while talking with friends about the recently discovered Banksy pieces in Chicago, we came to the consensus that the most vulnerable of the works was "you concrete me". With it's quiet Pilsen location and it's cartoon word bubble being an obvious target, the piece seemed ripe for something quick and cheeky. Sunday morning we received a tip from our friend Billy Craven over at Blah+Blah+Blog that a local crew had indeed attacked the piece overnight. The result (seen below) was nonsensical, devoid of style, and overall pretty lame.

Defaced Banksy / photo by Billy Craven

Now we aren't the type who think every outdoor Banksy piece should be sealed behind plexiglass for protection, but the result of this particular attack left us feeling a little annoyed. Evidently we weren't alone in this sentiment. Yesterday Blah+Blah+Blog reported that a group of local street artists had taken matters into their own hands and restored the Banksy piece under cover of darkness. Cheers for the vigilante vandals!

Photos of damaged and restored Banksy courtesy of Blah+Blah+Blog.


  1. chicago rocks! or screw stonehenge and i really appreciate what u guys wrote about the vigalantes fixing the piece but can u please post pics of the fixed piece

  2. hey mycity. email the gallery your address and we'll send you the slaps or you can stop by to pick them up...

  3. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!