May 14, 2010

Second Banksy in Chicago Confirmed

We just knew that there had to be more than one Banksy piece here in Chicago. We were beginning to feel a little slighted when we saw that Detroit, Toronto and Boston had all received multiple hits from Mr. B after his stop in the Windy City. For some reason we kept looking for "you concrete me" in particular, around the West Loop. As it turns out we were looking in the completely wrong area.

Local photographer Molly Kolecki, however, was looking in the correct area down in Pilsen and she stumbled upon the piece and posted a photo on her Flickr on May 13th. The Banksy piece is on 16th Street between Carpenter and Racine. The eyes are spray paint, the white bubble is not stenciled, and the handwriting is in oilstick. Now where's the next hidden gem?

Check out our Flickr for detailed photos of this piece and an additional unconfirmed rat that we believe may be authentic as well.

You can view this piece in the "outdoor" section of Banksy's site


  1. There is a thrid banksy On elston just south of Courtland. Under the bridge before the Wine warehouse.

  2. If it's the piece that i'm thinking of, it is from the series "Run Blago Run" by CRO, not from Banksy. What is the image?