October 11, 2010

new work from Banksy

Banksy has updated the 'outdoors' section of his website with a selection of new street work including this sublime nod to Keith Haring.  This isn't the first time that Mr B. has painted a picture of someone walking a famous contemporary art dog.  Back in May he hit L.A. and Toronto with mirror images of a security guard brandishing a Koons balloon dog.  

And it seems that Mr B's interest in videos is a continuing theme.  He has added a 'seen on t.v.' section to the website that features two pieces of British sketch comedy and the jaw dropping opening sequence he story boarded and directed for The Simpsons.  Since he posted the update, Fox has made youtube remove the Simpsons video, but you can see the complete sequence here:

Check out the rest of the new street pieces and videos on Banksy's website banksy.co.uk.

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